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Open Cigar Championship

April 25, 14:00

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 Индивидуальный зачёт Individual
 Командный зачёт   Team

Open Cigar ChampionshipAt the Cigar Salon specialists represent their best first-class variety of the most expensive cigars. The main event of the Cigar Salon from year to year becomes Open Cigar Championship, in which the teams and individual members can compete in unusual nominations. Also a comparative tasting of spirits will be traditionally held alongside with the Championship.

Two main nominations at the Championship are:

  • The largest smoking time (team and individual competition)
  • The ash length (individual competition)

The Rules of Championship:

  • The time for cigar lighting is limited (3 minutes), and it is prohibited to re-light it.
  • Only handmade cigars of officially registered at the Championship brands are allowed at the competition
  • The best result in individual competition will be the absolute maximum time of smoking. In team competition the time of smoking of 3 team members is summed up. The team can consist of from 3 to 5 members.
  • In the second nomination the ash length is measured till the first fall of ash. The results are defined basing on the rest of the cigar before the first fall of ash.
  • Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to take part in the competition.

The winner will be chosen by competent Jury. All participants of the competition will be rewarded with memorable gifts from organizers and sponsors of the cigar championship
If you crave for an adventure, if you like and appreciate a cigar, if you are willing to try your hand and fight with the strongest cigar professionals, you can fill in the booking form right now.

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