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Testimonials 2012

Testimonials 2012

Point Art Ltd.
Evgeny Fedotov, head of marketing and logistics

Поинт Арт

Point Art Ltd. is a leading Russian distributor of the alternative tobacco production. At the international Exhibition Tabak Expo 2012 we presented the famous tobacco brands that we deal with in Russia, including tobacco by Nakhla, cigarillos Good Times, the charcoal Carbopol and other world known trademarks.
Our booth was visited by great amount of the regional partners from Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Saratov, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg and other Russian regions.
The exhibition itself gave us a perfect opportunity to show the new products in the most advantageous way, as well as to find new partners in Russian regions. We express big gratitude to the organizers of the event for the professional advertising campaign hold before and during the exhibition. 

Fusion Group, China-Russia
Dmitry Churakov, director

Fusion Group

Fusion Group Company expresses acknowledgement to the organizers of the international exhibition Tabak Expo 2012 for the excellent job! Fusion Group provides consulting services doing business with the Asian region, cooperating with the leading manufacturers of various products, providing its clients with a range of services. During Tabak Expo we presented not only electronic cigarettes and related products produced by Shenzhen Ereiter Electronics Co., Ltd., but also own development together with the company Wingle – disposable electronic cigarettes WingleStick. We are very satisfied with the results of the participation in the exhibition. Our booth was visited by big amount of people. We were pleased to see that our quality production and good service are of the great interest, what helped us to attract new clients. I suppose that we’ll take part in the next exhibition.

V2Tobacco, Denmark
Inna Zernova, head of sales department in Russia


V2Tobacco – is a famous manufacturer of smokeless tobacco by the traditional Sweden recipe from the tobacco leaves of the high quality. Thunder and Offroad – are one of the most popular kinds of our production in Europe as well as in Russia. Owing to the exhibiting at Tabak Expo 2012 we had an opportunity to make a decent presentation of our production and attract interested companies form the North-West region and Far East Russia. We’d like to thank Asti Group Exhibition Company for the brilliant organization of the Forum and the plenty of business and entertaining events. Also for us it was very pleasant to get in touch with the professional team of organizers during the preparation for the Tabak Expo 2012.
We hope for the further cooperation with Asti Group!

Mongol Tamkhi So Co

Mongol Tamkhi So Co., LTD, Mongolia
Enkh-Amgalan Bolor-Erdene, export manager

Our company produces high-quality cigarettes that were presented at our booth at Tabak expo Exhibition. In order to increase the sales in foreign markets, including Russian Federation, we took part in the Tabak Expo 2012. Our production is new for the Russian market and still hasn’t been presented here. That’s why it was important for us to find the company interested in partnership with Mongol Tamkhi So Co., LTD. We hold negotiations with the representatives of several countries. Hope that our cigarettes find their consumer! The exhibition was well organized, we liked it very much. Many thanks to the Asti Group company for the professionalism and individual approach!

ООО «Шерлок»

Batarshin R.R., general director

Our company “Sherlock” has participated in the International Exhibition Tabak Expo 2012 for the first time. The exhibition was organized at a high level. We are satisfied with the event preparation procedures, competent work of Asti Group specialists and our booth location. Lot of professionals from the tobacco industry has been gathered at Tabak Expo that let to exchange the latest news in the warm comfortable atmosphere. From our point of view, taking the Final of the Russian Bartenders Competition WCC 2012 provided the exhibition with good conditions for making partnership. Participation in the exhibition Tabak Expo 2012 expanded our client base, and helped to share our experiences with the large companies! Later we would like to see more exhibitors from Europe and USA.

Testimonials 2010

Testimonials 2010

DJARUM, Indonesia
Primadi Herwantoro Serad, export director

- DJARUM, Индонезия Djarum is the world leading cigarette manufacturing company, which has made a countless contribution to the development of clove cigarettes (kretek), the Indonesian unique blend of clove and tobacco. Our stand at the exhibition attracted a lot of visitors who became very interested in our production. Among them – trade representatives and shop owners from different Russian regions: Vladivostok, Nizhny Novgorod, Norilsk, Omsk, Saratov, Tver, Habarovsk. We were also visited by the distributors from Moscow and St.-Petersburg, as well as the tobacco industry experts from other countries: Georgia, Germany, Israel, Italy and Kazakhstan.


MINSK PRINTING HOUSE, Republic of Belarus, Minsk
Sergey Orel, marketing and logistic director

-Минская типография, Республика Беларусь, Минск Our company is a leading printing company in Belarus as well as the state enterprise of the Administrative office of the president of Belarus. It is only quite recently that we became engaged in the tobacco industry, and our main aim is to demonstrate our capabilities in this area to the Russian manufacturers. Due to the latest equipment and technologies we are able to produce all kinds of cardboard containers. In course of the exhibition we had negotiations with the representatives of the Omsk tobacco factory, Pogar cigarette and cigar factory and many other industry specialists. As far as the business program is concerned we were mostly interested in the Cigar Championship as we can produce the packaging for cigars also. In our opinion three days are not enough for the exhibition. We would like to work for at least one more day.

Alternative, Russia, Moscow
Andrey Kozoulin, business development manager of the Smokoff company

- Альтернатива, Россия, Москва We represented the Smokoff electronic cigarettes at the exhibition. Our aim was to find new wholesalers and to expand our market. According to the preliminary estimations we completed our task by 80%. We held business meetings with the distributors from Moscow, Surgut, St. Petersburg, Tyumen and other regions.

OP PAPIRNA, Czech Republic
Petr Maceska, sales and marketing director

-OP PAPIRNA, Чехия At the exhibition we represented the rolling paper which our company has been producing for over 100 years. 60% of our production is made under private brands and is being exported all over the world. That is why we are very much interested in cooperation with the Russian manufacturers of the tobacco products.
Visitors from Russia, Ukraine and Latvia showed huge interest in our production; we also had meetings with some of the exhibitors – cigarette producers from Bulgaria and Serbia. The exhibition was well organised and we had a lot of visitors at our stand. We are satisfied with the results.

Wael Elhalwani, representative

- STARBUZZ TOBACCO, США Starbuzz Tobacco produces hookah tobacco products offering innovative and unique flavors and high quality tobacco. Starbuzz Tobacco products are enjoyed in the USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the demand for it is still growing.
Tabak Expo was dynamic and well organised. We had a series of negotiations with the representatives of the business community from Moscow, St.Petersburg, Latvia and Ukraine. We liked the exhibition and look forward to the future cooperation with the Asti Group exhibition company!

Richard Ren, sales director; Miranda Liu, sales director

- BIG BEARD CO. LTD. Китай Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of the professional tear tapes which are used in the tobacco industry for packaging.
Our products are equipped with a system of protection against counterfeiting and not only combine excellent quality and best prices, but also the high level of service while working with clients. Our production attracted interest both from visitors and some of the exhibitors. We wish Asti Group Company every success in organizing professional events for the tobacco industry!

Jiangshan Shenlida Machine and Parts Manufactory, China
Mr. Jacky, general director; Mr. Alek Abu, distributor

- Jiangshan Shenlida Machine and Parts Manufactory, Китай Jiangshan Shenlida Machine and Parts Manufactory company was found in 2002 and specialises in production of hookahs and accessoirs. We produce more than 500 different kinds of hookahs; some of them were presented on our stand. We export our production to the USA, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Western Europe and also to Russia.
During the exhibition our production attracted attention of the shop owners and wholesalers from different regions of Russia. We had negotiations with the representatives from Moscow, St.Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Chelyabinsk. We hope that our negotiations will lead to positive results.

Contrust, China
Vladimir Pashkov, director

- Contrust, Китай At Tabak Expo 2010 we have presented electronic nicotine free cigarettes of our own production, which have cased a sensation among both visitors and participants. We are pleased to note that a lot of professionals paid attention to this new branch of industry. We are confident that a new kind of safe smoking will win a lot of fans.

Kamal Nasir, general director

- WAJIDSONS & MUJEEBSONS, Индия The group of companies WAJIDSONS and MUJEEBSONS specializes in the production of flavored hookah tobacco, blends of tobacco with fruit and oils and tobacco free smoking mixes. Together with MUJEEB WAJID GROUP we managed to become one of the leading companies serving the needs of hookah lovers worldwide. It is our first time in Russia and we are pleased that our products have attracted a lot of interest not only from Russian buyers. Some Turkish companies also showed their interest in our production. The exhibition is well organized, we liked it very much. Many thanks to the Asti Group company! We will certainly participate in the next Tabak Expo 2012.

KING’S Tobacco, Bulgary
Sergey Gorbachov, export specialist

- KING’S Tobacco, Болгария Our company produces high-quality cigarette products, which was presented at our stand. This production was not yet introduced to the Russian market. That is why it was very important to us to find partners who would be interested in cooperation with the KING’S Tobacco. Unfortunately we had less visitors at our stand than we anticipated. Nevertheless we had negotiations with the representatives of several countries, in particular with the Mongolian distributors. We'll wait and see what happens after the show.

Sensortech Systems Europe, MoistTech Europe, Netherlands
Richard Prins, the expert in the European countries
Boumtechno, Russia, St.-Petersburg
Anastasia Ushakova, project coordinator


Sensortech Systems Europe, MoistTech Europe, Нидерланды - Our company presented at the exhibition the measuring instruments, controlling various technological parameters during the production process. Among them – humidity, nicotine maintenance, sugar and temperature. We came into the Russian market only several months ago, although we have been working at the world market for more than 30 years. Our instruments are used not only in the tobacco industry, but also in other industries: pulp and paper, chemical, etc. Visitors showed interest in our production, among them representatives from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, South Russia, Far East, as well as Ukraine, India and some other countries. We wish Asti Group company to expand a field of activity in the specified area and to increase the number of participants!

Mr. AMY, manage

- GUANGZHOU ZHAOYING HARDWARE CO. LTD. (MITSUBA), Китай We had a lot of visitors at our stand. Everybody was interested in hookahs, which our company produces since 2002. We also produce a variety of accessories for hookahs, which were also represented at our stand. The most interest was shown by the visitors from Moscow and St.-Petersburg, among them – representatives of bars, restaurants and other places of entertainment. We are very satisfied with the results of the exhibition.

Alan Woode, general director

- SHENZHEN SMACO TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, Китай Found in 2007, SHENZHEN SMACO TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is a leading company specializing in e-cigarettes research, design, manufacturing and marketing. E-cigarette is a new product on the Russian market and it has caused a lot of interest. As a result we had a lot of negotiations and we hope that our products will soon appear in Russia.
Monus, Serbia
Vladinir Pekec, regional export manage

Monus, Сербия Company Monus is one of the biggest and most contemporary tobacco factories on the Balkans, manufacturing over 11.000 tones of tobacco production per year. The company is also engaged in the production of alcoholic beverages, among them brandy, whiskey, absinthe, which were also presented at our stand. The exhibition impressed us favourably, we conducted a series of successful negotiations with the interested parties from Russia, Mongolia, Israel. Many thanks to Asti Group company for the perfectly organized event!

Smyrna Tobacco, Turkey
Air Riza Celek, general director; Gulsah Ulgul, export manage

- Smyrna Tobacco, Турция Smyrna Tobacco was founded in 2003 in Izmir. We produce tobacco and nicotine free hookah molasses which are exported to many countries of the world. Our production is not yet presented in Russia, therefore we are very interested in the Russian market. Together with Asti Group we have carried out the extensive campaign aimed to attract experts to our stand, and the result was very satisfactory. We were approached by people who have received information about us on the official Web site of the exhibition. It helped us a lot.

V2Tobacco, Denmark
Inna Zernova, head of sales department in Russia

- V2Tobacco, Дания V2 Tobacco, the well-known manufacturer of smokeless tobacco, is located in Denmark in the city of Silkeborg. We produce two versions of chewing tobacco according to the Swedish recipe, known to exacting consumers as Snus – both packaged and sold by weight. All our products are pasteurized, low-TSNA and correspond to the Scandinavian certificates of quality food. The purpose of our participation in Tabak Expo 2010 was to attract distributors and investors interested in deliveries of our production to the Russian market. As a result we can say that not only Russia, but Ukraine also have become interested in our Snus. It was a pleasure to work with the Asti Group professional team. We wish the Asti Group exhibition company every success and prosperity, and we hope for the further cooperation!

Astarta Prestizh, Russia, Moscow
Kotloukova Svetlana, PR-manager

- Астарта престиж, Россия, Москва Tabak Expo 2010 proved to be an ideal platform where exhibitors could show new products and gourmets - to get a unique opportunity to add to their collections of an elite tobacco and alcohol. The exhibition was held at a high level. The comfortable hall in the prestigious business center, friendly atmosphere, world-class organization, interesting business and entertainment programs - all this left us with a positive impression. We highly appreciate the exclusivity of the event. There were no “random” people among the visitors - only professionals and fans, whom it was pleasant to get acquainted with and interesting to talk to.
Tabak Expo 2010 gave our company the unique opportunity not only to present our new products to the visitors, but also to provide the organizers with safe and convenient smoking areas. Our smoking cabins were quite popular with the visitors who wanted to taste cigars and cigarettes. They particularly noted the complete absence of smell, both around and inside the cabins. We were pleased that a lot of business meetings and negotiations took place in the smoking areas thanks to their cozy atmosphere, comfortable furniture and accessories. We would like to thank Asti Group Company for the excellent organization of the event and look forward to our further cooperation.

Testimonials 2008

TTestimonials 2008

Arabic Word, St. Petersburg, Russia Mr. Sergey Ilyushin, General Director

Arabic Word based in Saint Petersburg has been working in the Russian market since 2003. We offer hookahs from crystal, glass and plastics and their accessories. Their range is vast to suit every taste and pocket. They are not decorative "one-off" products but genuine hookahs that will last long if used properly. This is our first time at international exhibition “Tabak Expo” in Moscow. We present the production of MYA. MYA products are distinguished by a high quality, leak-tight joints, reliable materials, a vast range of water jars of different shapes and colors, a variety of design solutions, a wide choice of bodies with refined ornaments. Whether from glass, acryl or crystal, all hookahs are easily assembled and reassembled. Since Arabic Word is the exclusive distributor of MYA, we offer not only numerous hookahs but also components for almost all models, including bodies of various height, water jars of every imaginable shape, hoses of different lengths and designs, plates, bowls and grommets. We are absolutely satisfied with results of the exhibition. We broke in lots of new contacts and closed some very profitable deals within the frames of exhibition. We are planning to participate at the next show. We would like to thank the organizer and wish them good luck .

Columbino Tobacco, Moscow, Russia Mr. Igor Arrifullin, Business Development Director

The company is engaged in manufacturing and shipment of tobacco and RADJA water pipe blends – a premium class product, combining old oriental traditions and modern technologies and procedures. This product was presented to the Russian customers for the first time and is steadily winning its popularity with water pipe lovers, pushing out previously recognized brands and products. High-quality French raw tobacco is used for manufacturing of RADJA tobacco blends. Only natural ingredients and flavoring agents are used for RADJA tobaccos, leaving behind the mass production where artificial ingredients that are not always harmless for people dominate. At present time RADJA tobacco blends are the only Russian products of the world quality in the given segment, which are available for customers right after manufacturing, preserving their freshness in distinction from imported tobaccos that often loose up to 90% of their characteristics during transportation This is our first time at “Tabak Expo” and we are sure that participation in this event is an obligatory factor of brand development. We found out some very important for us potential clients form different regions of Russia, including Ural Region and Siberia. We are oriented on end-consumers so we would like to see this category at the next show, at which we will certainly participate .

LLC «Master-Unit», Moscow, Russia Ms. Irina Antonenkova, Marketing Manager

We offer your fair samples of style from the world-famous brand Colibri. Original lighters, smoking gear and business accessories will become an unforgettable gift. We got some very interesting commercial offers in logistics and marketing. We think that this is a good result and we are looking forward for further cooperation with “Tabak Expo” .

FC “Taurus Capital”, Moscow, Russia Ms. Yulia Silina, Sales Manager

The brand NicoNet is presented by the founder and owner of the Taurus group. A new area of the company's activities is to promote an accessory aimed at reducing harmful effects of tobacco smoke – NicoNet filter holder. This is the product for the part of the humankind who does not want to give up the habit but want to be healthier. The NicoNet filter is a modern alternative solution. The results of the show are really amazing, our production attract great interest of visitors. We are going to take part next time, because participation in this exhibition opens new horizons for our business and helps to strengthen our positions at the market. We would like to have even more visitors at the trade show .

LLC «Ditrade», Moscow, Russia Mr. Sardor Ramazanov, Head of Logistics Department

Tabak Expo gave many new contacts and perspectives to our company, potential clients and distributors form Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Pyatigorsk, St. Petersburg an many other regions of Russia. We highly appreciate the organizers and we are looking forward to participating at the next trade show .

Golden Tobacco Limited, Mumbai India Minhajali, Sr. Manager – Exports

Our company is considered to be the leading producer & exporter of a great variety of their Cigarettes & Cigars brands including Chancellor, Panama, Style, Esquire, Flair, June, Just Black and many others private label. The Export zone of GTC includes USA, Central America, CIS, Europe, Africa and Middle East. At “Tabak Expo” we presented “Flavored Little Cigars / Cigarillos”, “Tip Cigars” & “Individual Tube pack Cigars”. Also included “Super Slim / Slim Cigarettes”, & “Roll your own (Smoking Tobacco)”, which is rather attractive for the participants of the tobacco market.

We broke in lots of very important contacts from many Regions of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Orenburg, Nizhny Novgorod and many others. For us, as a company which begins to develop new markets, participation in “Tabak Expo” is very important. I kindly appreciate organizers for their high professionalism and assistance during the exhibition .

JSC “Pogarskaya Sigaretno-Sigarnaya Fabrika”, Pogar, Russia Ms. Galina Sidortsova, Deputy General Technologist

Tabak Expo was very successful exhibition for us. Due to the great number of visitors of the show we broke in many new useful contacts. We had some very important business meetings with regional distributors and suppliers of different packaging materials. Especially we would like to thank the organizers for the possibility to visit the round tables within the frames of the exhibition. We are very interested in such events .

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