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08.04.2013 Конкурс Hookah Battle Конкурс Hookah Battle

Hookah Battle Contest is a unique event which attracts the leading masters of kalian from the largest hookah companies and restaurants. An independent and authoritative jury will give its assessment of hookahs, as well as every guest who comes to the hookah battle. Already three contests had been held, and they were a great success! Unfortunately, the upcoming fourth Hookah Battle will be the last in Russia in connection with the new law on the limitation of all tobacco advertising, which is to be introduced from 1 June 2013. This final Hookah Battle will be the largest and most illustrious in all its history. The event will be held for two days, on April 23 and 24 in Moscow, at the World Trade Center, in conjunction with the exhibition «Tabak Expo 2013». The real hookah lovers should not miss this event. We prepared a fabulous show where you will have the opportunity to taste more than 20 unusual hookahs from the true hookah masters. For more information please visit:,

Source:  Press Service of "Asti Group" Exhibition Company

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