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The results of the XI Cigar Open Championship


On April 25th within the frames of international exhibition Tabak Expo 2013 the traditional cigar championship took place, which was attended by representatives of cigar clubs, as well as the true connoisseurs of high-quality cigars and premium beverages.
Competitions were held both in individual and team format in two nominations:
I nomination – «Duration of smoking».
The competition rules limit the time to light up a cigar (up to 3 minutes) and prohibit its re-kindling. The best result in the individual competition was defined by the absolute maximum time of smoking.
II nomination – «Length of ash».
The results were determined by the residue of the cigar before the first fall of ashes. In a dispute  the participant with the best score in the first nomination was declared the winner.
The competent jury, which included cigar experts Dmitry Drutsa and Sergey Neumann, supervised the proceedings.
Referee: Pavel Barinov, Yuri Tukkaev, Vladimir Batin. Senior referee: Sergei Vinogradov.
This year's competition was attended by six teams: Cigar Club «Moscow aficionado», Mycigars, Ivanovskoye Tovarishestvo Troubikurov ТТ37, «Loshadinaya Sila», Russian Bartenders, «Poslednij Pervachock». 15 participants competed in the individual championship.
General sponsor of the championship - the company One Trade Ltd - a national distributor of BATI (British-American Tobacco International) and the official importer of cigars Dunhill Signed Range, Dunhill Aged Cigars and Dunhill pipe tobacco provided competitors with cigars of brands Sharatan and Dunhill (size 1).
For tasting Championship participants were also provided with the single malt 10 Year Old whiskey Glenmorangie.
Winners of XI Cigar Open Championship:
in the individual competition for the maximum smoking time:
I place - Alexander Olar (2 h 15 min 20 sec)
II place - Yuri Rahlis (2 h 05 min 45 sec)
III place - Dmitry Gribov (1 h 48 min 00 sec)
in the individual competition for the maximum length of the ashes:
I place - Andrei Gavrilov (124 mm)
II place - Nicholas Shironin (96 mm)
III place - Alexander Olar (85 mm)
Among the teams:
I place - the team of bartenders Russian Bartenders (4 h 31 min 29 sec)
II place – the team Mycigars (3 h 15 min 47 sec)
III place – the team Ivanovskoye Tovarishestvo Troubikurov ТТ37 (2 h 50 min 23 sec).
The winners received valuable prizes and gifts from the organizers and sponsors.
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Source:  Press Service of "Asti Group" Exhibition Company

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